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About Megan I’m the older sister of this blogging duo- but somehow not wiser nor necessarily more mature. [I’m still trying to figure out how this part of life is even fair]  I’m married to my much better half, and we live in a cute little town south of Denver.  I tend to pack way too many things into my life besides my full time job so I’ve become a pro at quick meals and delicious leftovers.  My husband just built me my dream house/paid some sweet builders to do it and my current obsession is making it our home.  While we definitely don’t crave do-it-yourself projects we tend to be a little too thrifty so find ourselves tackling more house projects than we ever wanted to take on.  I may be the lowest maintenance wife ever (completely not true) but most problems in my life can be solved with a hot coffee and a good book.  Somehow weekends don’t make up the majority of life but we spend them exploring the mountains, fishing, reading, and finding the next great [cheap] food.  Oh, and my…