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Retreat Center dreams and Etsy shop reality.

One of my dreams has been to start a retreat center where people with a common goal of learning and creating will gather together and enjoy good food, an encouraging atmosphere and some quality creative space and time – think wood working, quilting, fly tying, crocheting, picture framing,  knitting, sewing, baking, gardening, photography, etc.  I will bring in expert educators and people will be waiting in lines to come to this amazing creative space.  I will be greeting all the participants eagerly as they arrive and will be as excited as the participants to learn another new creative skill. Although that dream is not yet a reality, I will be minimally employed beginning July 1st (my grant funded position will no longer be funded)  and have an opportunity, with my daughters, to open an Etsy shop.  We have decided that since we are constantly making baby gifts, we will start with baby items, figure out the process, and then who knows. During month one we have gotten our tax ID, registered with the secretary of state in CO, and opened a bank account.  Today boxes were ordered to mail our items to customers.  Watch out Etsy here we come! &nbsp…