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Greetings from somewhere in the 7 month post baby.  I actually have a 3 month post baby update somewhere.  Maybe I’ll publish that later…

Jenny and I are still alive and well as far as I’m aware. 🙂  Jenny is now married (!), has a job (!), and is probably conquering the world. Aannnd nothing much has changed in my life.
Carter and I have a case of the Mondays today which means that I’m somehow so tired that I could cry which means he’s boycotting nap time and crying every chance he gets.  Which means that me could crying is turning into actual tears.  #AndthenIwenttoStarbucks #AndTarget #YesIamastayathomemom

Cale has promised sweet parenting relief as soon as he enters the door.  But since it’s Monday and it’s that kind of Monday probably won’t be until 7 or later.

Despite everything listed above I’ve never been in a sweeter moment of life and, in fact, cannot imagine how life gets much sweeter.  My little family of three is enjoying this time in life of being the world’s best homebodies.  Cale and I celebrate every time we successfully put Carter to sleep and then 30 minutes later debate whether we should steal him out of bed to snuggle with us downstairs.  [And we wonder why our child doesn’t have the best sleeping patterns.]

While days like today remind me that I should be working harder at getting Carter in some sort of nap and bedtime schedule (no- he’s not in one already- bad parents)- being able to just be with him without worrying about missing nap and/or bedtime is wonderful too!

I’m still rocking the 2 days per week work schedule with one of them being Saturday.  This, to us, is still the best option because it means we only have Carter in daycare one day a week but Cale and I are definitely missing having a true weekend together as well.

Side note: If the schedule ever changes, Cale would miss their guy time together on Saturdays- Carter and I are infinitely blessed that he is such a great dad.  Seriously, we were just gone for 2 weeks (another story for another time) and I don’t think I changed more than 1 diaper the entire time.  When Cale finally had to go back to work I had a moment of panic before the first diaper change.  Like riding a bike, the skill came back quickly. 🙂

I keep wishing time would slow down and my baby would stop growing so fast which I know is ridiculous.  I never doubted anyone who told me time would move too fast and my baby would be grown up before I knew what had happened.  I see it happening every day and each new phase of his life is so so sweet!


Photos as always taken by my ridiculously talented sister, Jenny.

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