The Easiest Fruit Tarts

Have I mentioned that our neighborhood has the world’s best block parties?  Actually, I think they have a party every night but we seriously can’t keep up.

Can’t hang.

Too old. Or something.

Anyways, a couple times a summer they make a big effort to get everyone on our circle together.  Bounce houses are rented, food trucks are brought in (seriously), and everyone brings a dish to pass.

Cue immediate panic.  You know… you want people to like what you’ve brought, you want it to look decent, and you don’t want to worry about how to keep it warm.

Enter the world’s easiest fruit tarts ever.  Refrigerated cookie dough, instant pudding, and whatever fruit is in season.  Can you imagine these with peaches and raspberries right now?  Yum!

To make the cute little fruit cups you divide the refrigerated dough up using the little squares they already have pre-cut.  Roll each into a ball and stick them into mini cupcake tins.  As they bake, they form to the outside edges and like magic you have tiny cups.  You may have to use a spoon to crack through thin layer of dough at the top and I’ve found it easiest to use a knife around the edges to easily remove them.


As they bake, you can make the vanilla pudding according to package directions.


And fill with your favorite fruit!

As a note, you can make both the fruit cups and pudding ahead of time but don’t fill with pudding say, the night before your event.  The pudding, over time, will cause the cups to become slightly soggy so assembly the day of the event is best.


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