The First Weeks

Our sweet little baby is [already!] almost 3 weeks old and we can hardly believe it.  We’re living in this precious little moment of time when when we simultaneously can’t wait to see what happens when he’s a little bit old (and sleeping a little bit better) to tearing up when we think of how fast time has already gone.

Please tell us this is normal.

How is this almost 3 weeks ago?!?

This week Lil’ C came down with a stuffy nose and is quite the loud sleeper so Cale finally had to move down to the living room last night because one of us has to be functional at a day job while the other one just snuggles our little bug all day.  Leading up to this we had a sweet baby who would sleep 5 hours in a row at night… So this might have only happened twice but we hope he remembers how to do this after the cold is gone.  Wishful thinking?!?

We got off oxygen last week so walks have become a little bit more frequent but our most favorite thing to do is to sit and stare at each other.  I have about 500 pictures taken of him on my lap- enough that we can make a great time lapse video.  Cale is the true hero, he puts me to bed at 9:30 and stays up with Carter until midnight taking care of the final feeding of the night. It makes the middle of the night feeding a piece of cake in comparison to trying to take care of every feeding and it almost guarantees that we both get 5-6 hours of straight sleep a night… when everyone is healthy. Although judging by the pictures I found on the computer (see below) it appears that Carter and I both pass out on the couch by 7 on a regular basis.  Cale is also the diaper changing king- no small task for the this little babe!


We have an amazing church, neighbors, and family who have meals delivered to us every other day up until mid- September.  We eat the leftovers from the night before on days fresh food isn’t getting delivered which means grocery shopping has diminished to picking up some fresh fruit whenever we run out.  I seriously never imagined how nice it would be to not have to worry about cooking dinner.  We are so blessed!

Next weekend we have siblings flying in from across the country for Carter’s baptism.  It seemed like we had to wait for so long for this weekend to get here and now all of sudden its a week away!  Can’t wait to introduce him to even more family!

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