He’s here! He’s here!


After weeks and weeks of waiting, 40 to be exact, Carter David entered the world on August 5th- right on his due date.  My water broke at 2:44 am and after realizing contractions had not started, Cale and I went back to bed and slept for another 3 hours. We were admitted to the hospital around 10 am and started on pitocin to get labor moving and  he finally entered the world at 9:15 pm.  He weighed a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz and still ended up spending the first 2 days of his life hanging out in the NICU.

Cale followed Carter to the NICU before I could leave the delivery room. Ah! So cute!

It turns out swallowing quite the large gulp of amniotic fluid upon exit is less than an ideal way to get your lung used to breathing.  Other than a little bit of oxygen supplementation whenever he rides in the carseat, his little lungs have healed completely.  If you visit us between the hours of 7-11 or happen to stroll by our open windows at that time you will know we’re speaking the truth.  He would be a perfect voice over for a baby pterodactyl.

We, of course, think it’s absolutely adorable.

I switch between crying whenever I think of him ever getting older and looking forward to not worrying about feeding him every 3 hours.  He’s a champion sleeper thus far and I have a feeling as soon as we get the all clear to letting him sleep as long as he wants he will mysteriously be crying for food every 2 hours- I’ll keep you posted.

We think he may be slowly figuring out that we’re mostly clueless so we’re expending as much energy as possible staying one step ahead of the game.

We are head over heels in love with this little human and can’t believe he’s our’s!


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