The 38th Week


We have made it to 38 weeks  with a singular road block.

A massive head cold developed at week 37 weeks that has been less than cooperative in moving on which also coincided with extreme loss of energy.  Yikes!  I’m in rough shape over here.

Poor Cale got to spend his last irresponsible birthday taking care of his sick and very pregnant wife.  He’s become an expert watermelon cuber… I’ve been eating at least one a week with no shame.

Welcome to adult hood!

Really though, we’ve been so so blessed to have an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy. And, while I really could have done it without the cold, can’t complain about anything.

Albeit an easy pregnancy, I’ve figured out why there are 9 months of pregnancy…

It takes that long to decide labor really isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you.  With days upon days of temperatures in the 90’s and a very healthy/large (or so it seems) baby on the way, I’m counting down the minutes until baby boy makes his grand entrance.

We waver back and forth between trying to get as many things done as possible and laying on the couch doing nothing.. knowing our days for doing either one without interruption are limited.

Another weekend is approaching and it seems like we have at least one more weekend of freedom and are trying to decide how we’re going to spend it.  Besides getting my hair trimmed one last time, the movies and dinner are calling our names.

We really can’t wait to introduce our sweet baby to the world and hope he doesn’t wait too long!


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  1. Sue | 22nd Jul 16

    We can’t wait either!!!!

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