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I don’t think patience has ever been my strong suit. Thankfully, it’s normally only tested by cookies that take too long to bake and winter months that drag on and on and on.

Lately though, my patience has been tried by seemingly every aspect of my life. Rather than boring you with the long list, I’ll skip to the cutest blessing I’m waiting for: Megan and Cale’s baby boy is coming soon!


Our family got together in Colorado’s Rockies last weekend, and I got to spend some quality time not only with my amazing family, but also with my camera and a few willing models. I could not be happier and more excited for Megan and Cale (and for having another baby to nap with when I visit home).


I’ll post pictures of the twins’ six-month-old shoot soon too!

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  1. Sue | 22nd Jul 16

    And when are we going to see more pics? Can’t wait

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