Time: It’s 9:17 and the husband has already gone to bed.  That man can sleep like a bear but try to read a book in bed.  Game over. He can’t sleep for the life of him.

Entertained by: This hilarious picture of when I was 15 weeks pregnant and probably felt huge.  Hint: I am not the one wearing the gray shirt.  Unfortunately, this also is a fabulous reminder that while I may feel huge now (30 weeks!), this belly’s got nothing on how I’m going to look at 40 weeks.  Yikes!


Eating: I’m on my 3rd watermelon of the week.  With little help from anyone else.  I almost feel bad about it but then I just go back to the store to get another.  Holy delicious.

Dreaming:  Being on a beach.  Preferably a warm sunny beach with cool ocean water steps away.  Our grand plan was to quickly get away before the baby arrived but then Zika virus hit.

Thinking: We ahem:: Cale has great plans of getting some major yard work done but the forecast and the sound of rain makes me a little hesitant to think that it will all get done.    Plus, we have some parties to go to.  And you know, relaxing and things.  I love 3 day weekends.

*Just a reminder about what we started with.  Yard work is manual labor at it’s finest when you start with a mixture of clay and rocks and hope to end with lush green grass.

The Pile of Dirt 3


Thankful: That our sweet little baby is growing like a champ and has been so easy for us (thus far!).  He was spoiled ridiculously by family (including a special visit from Aunt Jenny!) and friends at our baby shower and now we’re counting down the weeks until we get to meet him!  We’d prefer he continues to grow for a little bit longer but are so, so excited for his arrival!

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