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We have some big news over here in Colorado….

Our first baby is joining our party in early August (maybe.. just maybe.. hoping for late July).  We are over the moon equal parts excited and anxious because as much as we love babies and kids we know our lives are about to be turned upside down.

In the meantime- obsessing over all things baby.  Obviously.

Favorite Nursery: I’m not sure who was more surprised.. me or anyone that knows us- when I didn’t jump to the obvious (and cute) ocean theme.  However, how cute is this mountain/ outdoor adventure theme?  Love, love, love.

jamison room 1 after


Favorite Keepsake:  How cute is this pillow?  Not that I think that I’ll ever forget any of those details but I also didn’t think that I’d forget what day we engaged on.  (Luckily Cale doesn’t remember either…)

Favorite Maternity Clothes:  I point blank asked Cale if I looked huge.   He immediately avoided eye contact and started working on the yard.  Point taken.  I am huge.  These aren’t the exact jeans I got but they fit great and come in talls!  Plus, I got them for $30 on super sale.


Prominently missing from the above list?  Anything and everything actually having to do with the baby once it arrives.  Because we are clueless.  Anyone out there with suggestions.. our ears our wide open!

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