Anyone out there?

Hello everyone!  As far as I know, we are both alive (Jenny.. are you out there?) and even kicking.  Just temporarily wrapped up in the craziness of life.

Jenny-girl graduates soon (!) and I think has been obsessing over final projects that will someday save the world as well as trying to figure out the rest of life.

[pause] Does anyone else remember this phase of life?  I distinctly remember sitting on my college apartment bed in tears because really, how does one enter the real world and survive?  I may still wonder how or if we are surviving some days but we are still here so it seems possible.

I sat down the other day and realized- after looking at myself in the mirror- that it has been 6 months since my last haircut. You know, sometime before our girl’s weekend in Seattle.

After a little of this last week…


…which may have involved more than a few tears trying to get home on closed roads in white out conditions, the hair should be getting cut this evening.  Although its snow [again] so my drive could be just as interesting today.

In other news, Cale has been dominating the house projects with a little cheering from my on the side lines.  We know as soon as spring hits our outdoor projects can kick into high gear again so we’re trying to get all of our indoor projects wrapped up before then.  My favorite so far?  Our new barn door separating the master bedroom from the bathroom. (Sorry for the terrible lighting… It was installed late one night.)


To close up our indoor house projects, we had our final house inspection today as it’s been an entire year since we moved into our house.  Crazy how fast time flies!

Hopefully spring weather is coming soon!

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