estes park

Our friend’s birthday and Valentine’s Day happened to end up close to each other this year so we all took as it as a sign to get away for the weekend.

In an effort to avoid some of the ski crowd, we headed up to Estes Park.

Just in case you were wondering, that’s a town.. not an actual park.  Not that I was confused about that being a small town Minnesota girl when we moved here so many years ago.  Not at all.

We rented a house together and headed up Friday after work and stayed through a massive brunch before heading back down.

Dreams of snowshoeing through the trails were slightly derailed by 50 degree temperatures.. and dreams of hiking were slightly derailed by 30-50 mph wind gusts.

Dreams of relaxation were derailed by nothing. #winning


Estes Park sits at the edge of Rocky Mt. National Park. And if you’ve ever been there before, you may know that elk sighting is not rare at all to say the least.  While hiking was a bit breezy, searching for elk from the warmth of a car was the perfect evening activity.


As was ghost stories told from the porch of the Stanley hotel.  IMG_0523



So much fun.  Can’t wait for our next weekend getaway!

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