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A potential snow shoeing adventure is in our near future however the 60 degree weather may turn our snow shoeing into hiking.

I’m waiting for bedtime until my final batch of monster cookies is done baking.  You know when you start that batch of cookies after work and the internal debate about whether to throw the dough into the fridge for another day or bake just one more batch ensues?

The batches were finished on this night.  Boo-ya!  Used this recipe and they are delish!

My head is on a constant swivel for long sweaters.  My mom spotted this at the Loft and since they are always having incredible sales I was able to snag it for a great price.  If you saw my closet post-clean out you’d be impressed by the number of clothes I no longer have.  This sweater filled a gaping hole in my wardrobe.

I’m saving my pennies for this beautiful purse.  It will probably be years before I take the plunge and buy it but the style is singing to me.  Singing….

While I’m pumped that the Broncos won the Super Bowl, I’m ready for spring to be here!  I’m picking up cupcakes for a good friend’s birthday at our new cupcake shop in town and with the beautiful weather you may find us grilling… C’mon Friday, please go fast!


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