One of those days

I think we frequently (at least I know that I sometimes do) get caught up trying to show the world how well we’re doing. The truth is that sometimes life is hard.

I had one of those days last Thursday. You know the I’m talking about.

One of those days when you’re running late, hop in your car, and it won’t start.

You run to the bus stop and stand in the rain for half an hour without a jacket while your bus rolls your way at a snail’s pace.

When you finally reach work, you’re nearly two hours late, and your nose is dripping nearly as much as your soaked hair.

By the time you leave an hour early for the meeting you were planning on driving to, a pounding headache has been added to the dripping nose.

Thankfully, my bad day ended there. I caught a glimpse of sunshine as I walked to my meeting. Some of the fabulous people in my life took time out of their lives to lift my spirits and give me a ride.

It’s been almost a week, and my car is still not working. I’ve run out of Kleenex and have resorted to carrying a roll of toilet paper around with me, but despite the mess that my life sometimes is, the sun is shining. At least, somewhere behind the clouds it is. More importantly, the people in my life continue to amaze me with their love, support, and supply of chocolate.

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