We have had mostly quiet and wondrously lazy weekends at home lately.  It was finally decided that the house projects should begin again so once warm weather eventually arrives we can focus our attention on perfectly the backyard.

However, football has complicated the weekend schedule for the past month or so.  The bedroom may finally get painted on this off weekend before the Super Bowl and I’m so excited!  Next up, the barn door.. then caulking of all the bathrooms.. then…

With some spare time on our hands and hearing of the many adventures of the younger sibs we’ve been reminiscing about great vacations of our past.

Before going to Europe a year ago, I started dreaming about Santorini.  Probably even before Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants came out (which is close to 1o years ago) I had dreams of visiting the beautiful island with beautiful blue domed roofs.  So naturally, when the trip to Europe became a reality it was the top of the list.oia2


It was gorgeous.

We actually stayed at/in Perissa Beach (black sand beach) because it was much cheaper than staying in Oia (the city with the beautiful domed churches).  It was still mostly a tourist town with hotels and restaurants set along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s also just a short bus ride away from Oia so you can easily pop over as often as you want.beach

Our favorite part of our trip to Santorini was the catamaran tour that we did on the last day.  We spent half the day touring the island by boat complete with unlimited food and drink.  Probably the most expensive side trip of the entire vacation but one we would do again without question.

Of our entire trip to Europe, the one place we’d especially like to see more of is the Greek Islands.  It was the best mix of beach vacation and sightseeing!

boat cruise

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