Currently its 10:17 PM and I’m staring at my computer screen in bed.  Which is terrible I know.  Especially since it’s not my bed because this is the state of our room…

(Warning: The below pictures are a graphic representation of real life right now.  For one self-proclaimed neat freak and one wife wannabe the below situations are adding an unbelievable (unbelievable because we let messes, well, mess with us) of stress to our otherwise busy lives.)


I wish we could say that our house had just been robbed (okay, I really don’t want to ever say that) but no.  This is mid-painting mid-week.  Which is the most terrible idea ever.

Especially when paired with this…


Which is called major closet and wardrobe overhaul.  The two paired together are a somewhat lethal combination but both needed to be done.

Needed may be a very strong word but you know sometimes when your brain is cluttered with a million thoughts it helps to organize the tangible things.

That is what’s going on.

At least for the closet.

The bedroom mid-week painting project is called for the past two weeks football has been on both Saturday and Sunday so any house project that was going to get done was kissed good-bye.

So thankful that there are only 3 weeks of football left.

Anyways, back next week with a clean house, freshly painted bedroom, and organized mind.

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