I make to-do lists.

Very detailed to-do lists.

I just love the satisfaction of crossing things off the list.

Today’s to-do list included 13 items. It is nearly 9pm and only 3 of them are crossed off… I realized things weren’t going well for my list around 8:17pm and decided to quickly look for the easiest items so that I could relish a feeling of accomplishment before going to bed.

“mail” That seemed easy enough. I just had to sift through a pile of accumulated mail, and then I could cross it off. Well, I found a letter from my health insurance asking me to call and confirm that I don’t have any dependents. Of course when I called, I ended up listening to a list of office hours during which I could try again. Then I found a letter from Christmas for which I need to send a thank you note. Ten minutes later, rather than crossing “mail” off of my to-do list, I had added three more tasks…

But then I picked up an envelope that simple had “Jenny” scrawled across it in unfamiliar handwriting. Inside? A $15 Chipotle gift card. My to-do list may never end, and I have no idea from when, where, who, or what this is, but my day just got a lot brighter.

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