winter days

We’ve entered that time after Christmas and before Memorial Day where there is… nothing.  I do understand that there are some really lucky people out there that get random days off in January, February and March for things like presidents and Spring Break but for the rest of us poor folk…

5 months.

In years past, I’ve mourned the days post Christmas but a wonderful thing happened to us this year.  After months of back to back booked weekends we’ve experienced a couple of free weekends.

Every week, I’m gaining approximately 15 more minutes of daylight and the house project has made its appearance back in our lives.

Its amazing how un-daunting painting a bedroom is when you have an entire weekend to finish the project.

Also.  Two words.  Barn Door

Happening in this house in the next 2 weeks.. Stay tuned.

In other- more exciting- news.  The whole family may or may not be united for the first time post twins (sigh. so cute.) next weekend.  We are majorly counting on the US Military to pull through for us. And wishing my favorite baby brother the safest journey home on this last stretch of his latest grand adventure.

Closing thoughts- I hope when you log on tomorrow- I will start giving advice on how to handle a sudden influx of wealth.  Best of luck to all you fellow PowerBall competitors.  May the best ticket win!

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