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Hello Christmas season… and Christmas cookies!  Arguably, one of the best parts of Christmas (in my book) are the cookies that go along with it.  My mom did the best job of keeping Christmas cookies in a seemingly endless supply that ran out conveniently when Christmas was over.  The recipes were only pulled out once a year which made them even better at Christmas time.  Below are some of my faves…

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies:  You can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate and maybe to some this is a year long cookie.  But for us, this was a special Christmas cookie.  The cracked cookie carefully cradling the chocolate kiss.  Yum!


Spritz Cookies:  I was so surprised to find this recipe because it doesn’t seem to me to be the most common Christmas cookie.  This is basically a butter and sugar cookie.  But honestly, what’s better.  The only tricky part about this cookie?  You need a cookie press (I don’t have one either, my mom still spoils us with these) although the investment is probably worth it.


Oreo Truffles: The easiest recipe of the batch and so so delicious.  The first time I had these was when a fabulous co-worker made them and shared.  I could not keep  myself from sneaking more all afternoon from the extra stash she kept in the refrigerator.  These taste far more complicated than the recipe… which is the best kind of recipe.


Peppermint Brownies:  My mom makes the most amazing peppermint brownies that are almost fudge-like in consistency and topped with a thin layer of semi-sweet chocolate.  They are definitely a staple of the cookie platter.  These aren’t exactly the same but remind me of that childhood favorite.  Bonus?  Less hands on time than making dozens of individual cookies!


Happy holiday baking everyone!

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