Apple Puff Pancake

Years ago… literally years ago… I visited Jenny at college in Minnesota to help her make the grand trek across the midwest back to Denver.  At the time, my grandma still lived in Minnesota so I was able to spend a couple of days with her before Jenny and I started the drive.

While we were there, she made us the most amazing puffy pancakes.  I got the recipe the same day thinking it would be the perfect brunch food or something fun to pull out for brinner (breakfast for dinner).

I finally got around to making it today.. for myself.. for none of the above.  I had one of those amazing mornings where I had the time to wander around the house and town and get errands run at a leisurely pace.  When I looked at the time it was mid afternoon and I was starving. The Husband was out and about so I made the pancake for myself.  And ate it.  All.

It serves 4.

It’s an entire pie tin full.

I really love apple puff pancakes.

The tartness of the apples balances the slight sweetness of the pancake and raisins.  Dusted with just the smallest amount of powdered sugar it’s a smile in your mouth.  Seriously.


The reason why I am still kicking myself is that the recipe is so stinking easy.  The ingredient list is short, and other than the non-fat dry milk the other ingredients are all pantry items.  The pancake puffs up perfectly, even for someone who doesn’t bake things on a regular basis AND I live at high altitude.

What I’m trying to tell you is that as long as you follow the recipe.. you will be golden!  This recipe inspires me to have a huge brunch party because it’s fancy enough to serve to guests and simple enough that you won’t mess it up as everyone is watching you.

That may be my nightmare.



[kindred-recipe id=”685″ title=”Apple Puff Pancakes”]

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