The In-Between

Is it just me or is this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas just confusing to anything resembling a schedule?

For instance, I had a short week last week, a short week this week (Monday off to recover from crazy town). Then in 2 1/2 weeks it’s Christmas. Wow! To make things even more confusing for myself, it happens to be the busiest time of year for me work-wise. AND the parties and get-togethers fill up all other free time (which is great… don’t get me wrong).

For someone who craves a schedule it’s awesome but not awesome all at the same time. Because you know what happens after Christmas? No days off until May. Cruel.

However, this years have so much to look forward to… The new babies (eek!), my brother getting home, awesome time with both families, and of course celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Welcome, crazy holiday schedule! Let’s get this party started!

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