Staycation in Crazytown, USA



Did you hear the crickets that have been happening on here since last week?  Jenny is most likely off exploring some amazing part of the world and my head is still reeling from Thanksgiving.

And the flu.

But mostly Thanksgiving.

After what seemed (and in all actuality was) months of planning the 4 days of Thanksgiving madness are already over.

Every square inch of the house has been thoroughly broken in, slept in, and let’s be honest- peed in.

Just the truth, people.  When 10 of your guests are small, you’ve got to expect it on some level.

Don’t let the above picture fool you.  Our sweetly bathed niece and nephews were just killing time before their cousins arrived.  It was the quietest and cleanest our house was all weekend!

Besides all of the craziness, we are so blessed that our family agreed to visit us from all ends of the country and smash themselves in our little house.  We are already missing our sweet not-so-little-anymore nieces and nephews… and of course their parents too!

Our house is far waaaaaay too quiet again and we’re counting down the days until we get to see everyone again!

I’m sure I’ll be talking about the weekend for the rest of time so check back later for more fun… My bed and some hot tea are calling my name!

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