Heart Stopper

Vintage photo. 2010. Young ducklings right there!

My younger brother is a captain in the Air Force and currently stationed in Doha, Qatar.  When he’s in the states, he stationed at McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey (joint base with Fort Dix and some other base that I don’t remember).  We are all praying for his safe return back to the states and wishing all Veteran’s a very belated Veteran’s Day.

Speaking of safe returns…

My dad recounted the [now] funny story that happened to him the other day.  More back story?  It may be a toss up between my dad and I who is better about answering their phone. Meaning, we’re terrible.

Anyways, for some reason that day he had his phone near him when it rang and the caller ID said it was from Fort Dix.

Now, remember.  My brother is deployed.  While he is technically stationed in Qatar, he occasionally makes trips away from that base into much less safe areas.

So, my dad answers the phone… heart sinking just a little.

The caller asks, “I am calling from Fort Dix and need to speak to the father of Captain Lohmiller?”  Heart drops.




“I was just calling because the credit card attached to the storage unit on base has expired and I need new card information.”

Are you kidding me… I’m sure there are 1000 better ways to preface that conversation.

Hilarious.  My heart was dropping as my dad told the story and I knew my brother was safe.

Miss you, Brother!  Come home quickly!

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