Hello winter weather!  We had our first blizzard last night and into this morning with 16 inches of snow.  Amazingly, we both made it into work and by the time we left, they had the roads mostly clear with a high in the upper 40’s tomorrow.

Colorado weather.. oh how we love thee!

Even though this was one of our first blasts of cold weather this year, it already has me dreaming of warm places.

Now, I have no idea what the temperature of Moab, Utah is during the middle of November- the beginning of June was hot!


The summer months are steamy but we stayed at the most lovely bed and breakfast in town, The Sunflower Hill.  It came to us highly recommended and it did not disappoint.  Our days consisted of getting up with the sun and going on an early morning hike, hurrying back to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, going on short mid-morning hikes, and spending the afternoons by the pool.  In the evenings, we set out for more hiking explorations.


By splitting up the days, we were able to see all the sights of Canyonlands and Arches National Parks but still avoided the heat of the day.

Speaking of, Moab is probably most known for it’s amazing rock formations…


It is the most amazing road trip to me, you’re driving along and all of a sudden.. BAM.. arches… rocks… It is so so cool.


While Arches National Park is probably the more recognized land formations, Canyonlands National Park is literally across the highway.

Talk about being blown away.  You need to see this.  It’s like the Grand Canyon on steroids.  Okay.

That is a lie.

I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon.  And obviously it’s grand, so probably much better than Canyonlands.

Which means I need to go.  I’m kind of nervous to show the pictures of Canyonlands because it is so hard to capture the depth on camera but it was so beautiful.



Moab itself is a smaller town so while it has a main streets with restaurants, it is one of the few locations that we’ve visited that hasn’t been for the cuisine.

Whatever it lacks in culinary delight, it more than makes up for in scenery.

So you should go, stay at the Sunflower Hill (make sure you have a reservation) and tell them I sent you.

Just joking, they would have no idea who I was… but enjoy.  What a stunning part of the country!

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