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Hey!  In case I haven’t mentioned it.. in every post for the past 2 weeks.  Thanksgiving!  Soon!


Aren’t the holidays just the greatest?  I mean, minus all of the stresses that go along with them but we are so so blessed that we are seeing family, getting new family (hello twins!), and getting time off work to spend quality time together.  Plus, Baby Jesus?!?! Thank you, Jesus (for real!).

We have so many but not really any holiday traditions which makes zero sense.  Like, the Husband and I get presents for each other sometimes, but not always.  We spend a weekend away sometimes but not always.  We go to a Christmas concert sometimes but not always.

However, Thanksgiving dinner is always my favorite.  We never listen to Christmas music (our fave!) until after Thanksgiving dinner.  And I refuse to get a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks until Black Friday.

Traditions, people.

I’ve been trying to ease my panicked mind about how I’m going to get a hot Thanksgiving dinner on the table by looking up everything that can be made and prepped ahead of time.  It’s only a matter of days before I figure out what temperature to set the ovens at and when to put the respective dishes in to get them all hot.  I’m a planner.  It relaxes me.

But in the interest of making ahead, here are a few of my Thanksgiving favorites.

The Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls:  This is my only warning to you.  This recipe makes a ton of cinnamon rolls.  Bonus, I follow this recipe to a the letter and they turn out ah-mazing!  I usually use vanilla instead of maple for the frosting and omit the coffee (why?  I do not know) but these are on the menu for Thanksgiving breakfast.  Can’t wait!  I plan to make the dough, roll it, and put the rolls into pans the night before Thanksgiving so all I have to do Thanksgiving morning is let them warm up to room temperature and bake them the morning of!


The Original Chex Mix:  This is a holiday favorite of mine from forever ago.  My mom always makes a huge batch and puts it out before Thanksgiving dinner and it’s a staple of get togethers all the way until Christmas.  I’ve already made batch one (oops, a little early) but the plans are in place to make another huge batch before family comes out!



Sweet Potato Casserole:  I’m not sure that I ever gravitated towards sweet potato casserole as a kid.  Just joking, I probably did.  I have been a lover of all food since birth (my baby pctures can vouch for that). However, I was at a dinner when the host served the most delicious sweet potato soufflé.  My husband and I were blown away by how good it was.  It is the only dish my husband requests for Thanksgiving dinner.  I can’t get myself to use canned yams so I boil sweet potatoes until soft and follow the recipe up until the baking instruction.  I refrigerate the night or two nights before and pull it out of the fridge, top with the streusel and bake the day of.  So delicious!


Crock Pot Stuffing:  This is the only recipe that I have not tried yet but I’m willing to take the risk. I was just discussing with my mom whether stuffing from a box would be okay for Thanksgiving dinner.  While the verdict is still out, this recipe makes me think I may have a chance to make it from scratch.  Plus, it won’t take up any oven space thanks the convenience of my all-time favorite kitchen appliance.. the Crock Pot.


Pizza Bars:  Did you catch our recipe post on Monday?  This is on my list of things to make this weekend.  I’m planning on doubling the batch and can pull it out over the weekend whenever we need a quick snack or a sugar pick-me-up.  I’m imagining my weekend will be filled with lots of sweets and caffeine.  I have to keep up with all of our nieces and nephews.  We can hardly wait!



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