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We absolutely love living in a brand new house and while we’ve heard horror stories about terrible homebuilding experiences, we honestly came out of the whole thing virtually unscathed.

Most of it, I feel, has to do with our builder (if you want our recommendations, just ask) but we also feel very blessed that nothing major went wrong.

That being said, we are trying to make sure we are checking everything before our year warranty is up.  And that is why we love our new house.  Home warranties are the

We have amazing neighbors and one of them struck a deal with a plumber that would snake our sewer line for a discounted price.

I’m not sure if that is the correct spelling or use of the word snake.

I know nothing about plumbing.

Good experiences aside, there are been plenty of our neighbors that have had slight issues with the plumbing.  Like, basement full of sewage, front yards torn up, etc.

Since none of that sounded cheap we decided to be proactive so we could have the builders pay in case/ when something was wrong.

We were feeling very confident of our decision when the plumber walked in and said the previous 5 houses he had snaked needed to be fixed.


Perfectly clean.  No low spots, build-ups, or clogs in sight.

Then it got a little personal.. And awkward.

Our lines were so clean he started to ask us about our diet.  And exclaimed again and again how little build up there was in our pipes.

And how obvious it was that our diets didn’t contain a lot of grease.

My face turned red and I left the basement.

While we are exceptionally grateful that it doesn’t appear that we’ll have any plumbing issues in the near future, as the plumber left the Husband asked, “Was that more or less personal than getting a colonoscopy?”

Good question, Husband, good question.

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