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Nearly two years ago (how has it been that long already?!), I went on the trip of a lifetime with my college bestie and my brother. The trip took us across Ireland and nearly the length of the UK, and did I mention that every bit of it was amazing?!

In just a few short weeks, I will be returning to London for approximately eleven hours. In preparation for making the most of my brief visit, I thought it would be appropriate to review the highlights of my first trip there.

We were blessed with gorgeous weather for the majority of our trip. This is saying something since we traveled in March to some places known for their blustery, wet weather. As you can see, in London we had blue skies. London Bridge thankfully didn’t fall as we walked across.


We said hello to Big Ben.


And of course had some fish ‘n chips. And of course they were. The. Best. Ever.


This adorable man proposed to me. Well, indirectly. He actually just planned our wedding ceremony. His British accent nearly convinced me to agree to a walk down the isle.


But the trip wouldn’t have been at all the same without the wonderful people I was traveling with. Adventuring without these two won’t be nearly as enjoyable no matter what sites I see, foods I eat, or people I meet.


London, I am incredible excited to be seeing you again.

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