The Hotel Room Door

I traveled to LA for a work conference last week. Being a girl traveling alone, I tried to remain relatively alert and paid close attention to my surroundings. So when a guy followed me off the elevator, I kept an eye on him as I headed towards my room.

My room was the very last door at the end of the hall. The closer I got to the hall’s end, the more slowly I walked, waiting for him to enter another room. Far too quickly, I reached the end of the hallway and still the stranger was following behind me.

I turned towards the door on the right rather than mine on the left and began ruffling through my purse as if to find my key as I thought furiously about my options. With no good plan coming to mind, I sent off a quick prayer that he wasn’t dangerous, grabbed my hotel key from my back pocket, and spun 180 degrees to enter my hotel room.

As I opened my door, the stranger walked up to the room I had been pretending was mine, scanned his key and walked in…

My running tally of smooth moves to social awkwardness is becoming more unbalanced by the day:

smooth moves: 2

social awkwardness: 794

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