Pizza Bars

You guys, I am knee deep in trying to prep as many things as possible for our Thanksgiving extravaganza.  The Husband’s family is coming out to visit for the holidays and we’re so excited that most of them are making the trek to Colorado!

Let’s not talk about the fact that I’ve never successfully made a turkey nor tried to feed that many people any meal… much less Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving dinner is the epitome of holiday dinners.  Like, my favorite meal of all time.  The pressure is on.

In order to maximize the amount of fun we have while people are visiting and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner to the max, I’m trying to do as much food prep for all the other meals as I possibly can.

One of my favorite desserts that my mom made us while growing up was affectionately called pizza bars.  From the sweet, buttery oatmeal crust to the caramel and chocolate topping… these bars are perfection to me.

The best part of Pizza Bars is that they freeze and un-freeze absolutely beautifully and are a breeze to make.

The hardest part of making them?

Working that darn crust into the far reaches of the pan.


The other hardest part?  Not eating them before Thanksgiving arrives.

[kindred-recipe id=”645″ title=”Pizza Bars”]

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  1. Larissa Frey | 9th Nov 15

    This frequents our house quite often thanks to your mom!!!;) YUM!

    • Megan | 9th Nov 15

      Haha! Ours too! Every church potluck gets pizza bars. 🙂 We miss you guys!!

  2. Currently Obsessing | 13th Nov 15

    […] Pizza Bars:  Did you catch our recipe post on Monday?  This is on my list of things to make this weekend.  I’m planning on doubling the batch and can pull it out over the weekend whenever we need a quick snack or a sugar pick-me-up.  I’m imagining my weekend will be filled with lots of sweets and caffeine.  I have to keep up with all of our nieces and nephews.  We can hardly wait! […]

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