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I’m currently obsessing of getting away for a nice vacation!  Sometimes life gets more stressful than the situation deserves and it’s at that time that I know we need to get away.  While in reality, we probably won’t go anywhere until after the holidays, one of my absolute favorite past-times is planning our next adventure…

Favorite European Trip Ideas-  Are you like me, and anytime you go somewhere you’re always looking for the best place of the beaten path?  All of these destinations look amazing, but Portugal really caught my eye.  While I can’t imagine a trip back to Europe for at least another year, we are always throwing around the idea of Spain.  While in Spain, why not swing by Portugal for a quick visit?


Favorite Long Weekend Trip-  Santa Fe has won over our hearts and stomachs.  Our last trip has been a couple of years, and while it was in the books for a fall getaway- working on the patio ended up taking over.  Just thinking about a trip makes my mouth water for some delicious green chili.  Yum!



Island Vacation Dreaming-  I’m not sure why- probably some random ‘best beach ever’ search- I came up with the idea that we need to visit Punta Cana.  We’ve been dreaming of a week on a beach doing nothing for quite some time. I realize that the link is for honeymoons, but those are fun so why not?  So after house projects end (will this ever happen?) and we can save money for something a little more fun (can I say that?) you will find the husband and I relaxing on a beach somewhere… most likely Punta Cana.


Road Trip Obsession-  People, I don’t even really like wine that much.  Like, I’ll have a glass if I’m feeling classy but if I’m at home, relaxing- give me some hot chocolate, an ice cold coke, or some straight up water.  Okay, maybe a margarita if I’m feeling spicy, but really.  However, the idea of a road trip through the wine country of California has been spinning around in the back of my mind for ages!  Doesn’t it look gorgeous?




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