My Favorite Baby Shower

This past Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law.  Let’s be honest, the shower was at our house but between my mom, plus my sister-in-law’s mom and sister and aunt, I had very little work to actually do.

My two favorite ladies!
My two favorite ladies!

Other than ensure the bathroom was in working order. And preferably on the cleaner side of things.  Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of wandering around and making sure people could find their way to the aforementioned bathroom, I forgot to take pictures!

We had 2 different craft stations set up in the house which were the activities in lieu of games.  Station number 1 had a basketful of diapers that people wrote sweet notes.. or at least funny notes.. for all the diaper changes that will come with twins.  Craft station number 2 had onsies and quilt squares with fabric markers… Sigh.  All things baby are so adorable.


The house was full of love for the sweet babies that are coming.  (I call them ‘our’ babies…  I just can’t help it!)

We kept the decorations pretty simple with all things fall because A) We don’t know the sex of either baby (yes, my brother and sister-in-law are trying to torture us) and B) My sister-in-law didn’t want to throw out a them of say, farm animals, and then have every… everything be focused around a specific theme.

She’s a smart lady.  Except for not sexing the babies.  🙂

We had a semi-fall, semi-nacho party extravaganza happening at the food table.  Fall for drinks and desserts.  Nacho party for the rest.  It was topped off with the best cake ever.  My mom’s sweet friend made the cake completely from scratch. So much fun!  It was the centerpiece of the food bar…  Somehow the nachos just couldn’t compete.


‘Our’ babies are already so loved.  We absolutely cannot wait (except we can- for another month or two) for them to arrive!  My sister-in-law is absolutely gorgeous and really… Would never guess she’s hiding two babies in there!  If I look half as good as her.. with one (hypothetically, people!).. I would die a happy woman!




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