Defeating the Cold

I haven’t turned the heat on in my apartment yet.

It’s my way of proving that I haven’t caved under the pressure of Seattle’s rain and clouds. Rain and 55 for a solid week? Well, I haven’t even turned the heat on so take that Seattle!

Yeah, I’ve been pretty proud of myself for my resiliency in the face of such weather.

Then I glanced at my bank account and saw how much money I’ve been spending on coffee.


It turns out that I drink aaalllllll the coffee when I’m cold and the sky is cloudy.

Think I’m exaggerating? On Friday, I went to Top Pot Doughnuts and got an Americano and a doughnut and another doughnut (I couldn’t bring myself to say I got two doughnuts, but saying a doughnut and another doughnut doesn’t sound much better…). On Saturday, I went to a friend’s and made coffee using her things (Saving money or taking advantage of a kind friend? Maybe both.) On Sunday, I got an Americano from Morsel and Bean. Three hours later, I was at Starbucks “studying” with a venti caramel machiatto.

I have a problem, but I don’t really want to fix it…

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