Vegetarian Curry Soup

IMG_2032I wish I remember where I first saw this recipe.  I have never been able to find the original so every time I make it, it turns out just a little bit different.  However, over time I’ve picked out my most favorite variations and combined them into something warm, delicious, and filling.

If you’re married to anyone like my husband, who prefers to have every meal with meat, you’ll know the struggle of making a warm butternut squash soup or calling a bowl of tomato soup ‘dinner’.  However, with the combination of lentils, yellow split peas, and garbanzo beans make this vegetarian soup quite hardy.

In fact, whenever the first cold day of the season hits and I’m craving soup, my husband requests this one.  Boom.  Wife win.

Speaking of cold days of the season, I left Denver on a ridiculously warm fall day in the mid-70’s and came back from Baltimore to highs in the mid 40’s and rain.  I mean, if I didn’t know my city so well I might have thought I was in Seattle.  Where is my ease into cold weather?  We were about 2.2 seconds away from turning on the furnace for the first time- the house couldn’t seem to make it above the 62 degree mark to save itself- and then Denver busted out another close to 70 degree day.

And I left the oven on 400 while ‘baking’ for the entire day.

Hard to say which helped more.. anyways.

This soup.  For real.

Of course, with anything that’s savory and delicious, the longer you have to simmer this soup the more delightful the flavor combinations.  Which makes it perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon.  And leftovers.


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