Half Day in Pike Place Market

I just got back from a work trip to Baltimore and flew back in to rain and clouds that rather reminded me of Seattle.

Because I’m just a bit behind in life right now, this will be a short and sweet post about my 3 or 4 favorite places to stop at in Pike Place Market.  I seriously think that if you’re going  to Seattle for a 3-4 day trip all you really need to budget is about half a day for the market.  Preferably the morning to lunch half because of coffee. The end.

First stop must be the original Starbucks.  There is absolutely nothing special about this Starbucks except that it was the first one.  But you have to go.  Just because.


Next door to Starbucks is an amazing French bakery called Le Panier.  Get anything you want. It will be delicious.


After your breakfast and coffee, wander into the market and take in the sights and smells of the many different fish and flower and produce stands.  And try not to be super envious of the 5 dollar bouquets. Seriously.  Insane.


Why do fruit and vegetables look so much more delicious when they are outside- farmer’s market style?

IMG_1573When you’re finally hungry for lunch you need to make sure you have an eating buddy with you.  Pike Place Chowders is a block or two up from the main market area and you’ll recognize it by the line.  But they have a sampler which includes your choice of 4 different chowders.  Amazing!  Chowder sounds absolutely divine on this rainy morning.



You will probably be satisfied after the chowder but if you have any kind of love for mac & cheese you must stop by Beecher’s.  They are well-known in the world of mac and cheese for making some of the best.  While I wasn’t as blown away as I thought that I might be, the mac and cheese was incredibly rich and… cheesy.  But for the sake of a tourist being a tourist, you should do it!


The whole family was excited that Jenny chose such a fun city to go to school in.  While I may not be able to handle the weather with as much grace as Jenny does, visiting Seattle will never get old!

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