The Dirt Pile Update

I know you’re all dying to know how the landscaping project turned out… Dying

A couple of things before the “Before and During” pictures.  A little sneak peak if you will.

During because there is still L-O-T-S of work to be done on the outside back area of the house.  One would think with the postage sized stamp of a backyard that landscaping the darn thing would be nothing at all.

Of all of the things we are well-versed at landscaping isn’t anywhere near the top.  At the end of every project the husband says, “I’ll do it much better the next time.”  While laughing.  Because there will not be a next time.  At least in the next year.  Ha!

The main focus of the weekend project was the retaining wall and patio.  The term weekend is used loosely because the majority of work happened on Friday and Monday because some unexpected and expected church music took up significant time on Saturday and Sunday.

The grass slowly grew in via hydro-seeding the entire thing about a month and a half ago.  We’re planning on re-burying almost all of the sprinkler heads… sometime.  Soon, we hope! And around all grassy areas will be Platte River bottom rock and edging.  This might happen next spring/summer which is more than fine by me.

P.S. I know more about rock and retaining wall bricks than I ever wanted needed to know.

Oh, and the last of the fence.  We have all but once side of the fence installed due to some surveying errors on behalf of builders.  We had the fence installers come out at the end of September only to inform us that our neighbor’s retaining wall was about a foot into our property.  Just like the one thing I love about new cars, I also love about new houses.  Home warranties are the

Fixed 3 days later and we will have the fence by the end of the month.

Quick side note about the fence:

Our entire yard/ house is built above the fence line so it provides us with exactly zero privacy.  Unless you’re laying against the fence.  In which case your clothes will probably stick out through the fence posts making you the neighborhood weirdo. Also, our neighbors retaining wall will be about six inches below the top of our fence providing them with almost as much privacy as us.  And the fences are only 5 feet to begin with.  And required.  I could go on.  Basically, a fence for anything but defining property lines is pointless in our case.  But yes, I will gladly hand over hundreds of dollars for you to put one up anyways.


Anyways, here is the half way point of the massive backyard project.  And yes, the yard could use a good trim.  We’re getting to that.


The Pile of Dirt 2



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