Our beautiful mom! Jenny’s photo (of course)


It is our Mom’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sigh. Isn’t she beautiful.  (Jenny snapped a couple of shots of her while we were out in Seattle for our girl’s weekend.)

Anyways Mom, I wish I could spend every weekend traveling around the country- listening to your advice on all of life’s topics.  Thank you for showing me every day what it means to be a kind and considerate person and for always putting the most positive spin on every situation.

Thank you for showing me that the biggest goal in life isn’t to chase after the most lucrative career but to live simply and to find something that brings us joy.  While I may have yet to follow your advice on that one, it’s something I respect you for and think about often.

Thank you for loving me through all of life’s trials.  Including the planning of my wedding… while I was unemployed and Cale was finishing college. I will continue to apologize for my stressed out state of mind for the rest of my life.  And the wedding was perfect.. thank you!

Thank you for giving us a safe place to land.

I love you, Mom!  I hope you have the happiest of days!

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  1. Mom | 20th Oct 15

    Thank you so much my dear! I am quite sure that I have learned way more from being a Mom than you have learned from me:). You always have a safe place to land! Love you tons. By the way, do you check your email or your phone:)? Hugs

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