Snow Lake, Washington

The Nitty Gritty: 6 miles round trip, 1800 feet in elevation gain, Northwest Forest Pass required

Sometimes my excitement is too much to contain, and I let it bubble over to the people around me. A couple weeks ago, the weather here in Seattle was b-e-a-utiful.

I think I invited most of the people I know to go on a hike.

I ended up with three fabulous friends from three completely different social circles. Thankfully everyone seemed to get along well, and if they thought the group was strange, they haven’t mentioned it to me.

The weather was about as close to perfect as could be, and the hike was stunning. There were beautiful views of changing fall colors and nearby peaks as we hiked, and Snow Lake was stunning at the top.


Helpful hints: If you’re into camping, there are a number of beautiful camping sites around the lake.


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