Rabbit Chase

I had a plan for my Sunday. It was a really great one too. It started with praising Jesus, moved to a coffee shop to study, continued on to the grocery store, and ended with working out with a friend.

That was the plan. And it worked. Briefly.

I went to church and enjoyed a great service. Then I somehow fast-forwarded through to the afternoon without accomplishing a single thing.

Then my friend stopped by to workout, and I convinced myself that a 45-minute workout would help me be more productive when I got back.

Well… Then this happened as we were walking to the park:


Three hours and many scratches (from both the rabbit and the blackberry bushes we crawled through) later, we were sitting at our local animal shelter with a rabbit in a box.

Needless to say, I did not accomplish anything on Sunday, but the surprise adventure was well worth it.

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