Long Weekend

I am heading into (another) 4 day weekend… except with my husband this time.

And we’re staying at home.

Dealing with this.

We originally were planning a long weekend down to Santa Fe (aka- one of our most favorite cities) to eat and hike for 4 days straight.  Which happens to be one of our most favorite things to do.

But then we remembered we still had the dirt pile to deal with.  And since we never feel like we have time, we thought it might be much more relaxing for all involved to take some time off just to deal with it.

Granted, more than one thing has come up which will force us to probably take some much needed breaks from the physical labor (us= my husband) but we’re actually quite excited to tackle the next house project.

So one more time for history’s sake…

The Pile of Dirt 2

Hope to never see you again, you ole pile of dirt.

Wish us luck, my friends, and I hope to share some much improved pictures with you next week!

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