Morning Runs

My thought process during mornings when I’ve decided to fit in a run before work:

I’m getting out of bed. I’m getting out of bed. I’m getting out of bed.

Fifteen minutes later, the second alarm that I cleverly set the night before goes off, and I leap out of bed.

Is it cold out? It looks cold out. But I’m running, I don’t want to be too hot. Ok, I’ll wear shorts. Where are my shorts? Why don’t I have any clean clothes? Oh, that’s right I forgot to do laundry last weekend. Well, these don’t seem to smell too bad.

Good job me! I should probably take a quick power nap now that I’m dressed.

NO! Jenny go outside and start running!

I miraculously find my keys and make it out the door.

Ugh. I feel so gross. I’m so dehydrated. My legs are so heavy. I should just go home and run tonight.

Then suddenly God surprises me with this:


And then I remember how sweet it is that I have the means and ability to go for morning runs.

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