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The Husband and I had a nice business meeting over dinner the other night.  Here’s the story.  We are now old.  30.

On a day to day basis, we were having a hard time getting our life together.  Every night and weekend it felt like we had a never ending chore list and our house project list seemed to be getting nowhere.

On top of all of that, we were exhausted at the end of every work day (is this everyone?) so dinner was becoming more and more popcorn and less and less, well anything else.

Seriously, we went days weeks months without a real dinner.  Feel bad for my husband.  He would grill chicken on the weekend and we’d carefully divide it up into lunch containers along with some carrots and strawberries.  And call it a day.  Repeat.


We now have a bedtime and a chore chart. #notkidding #revertbacktochildhood #itworkedthen

Oh, and a very organized to do list.

Do you know how much stress this has relieved in our lives?  By the time we make it to the weekend our house has been cleaned, dusted, and vacuumed.

I’d say you can be super impressed but it’s only been 2 weeks.

Maybe you should be impressed anyways.

Back to the original point, part of our dinnertime struggle is the fact that we go to the gym straight from work so are walking into our house for the first time at 7.  As we were sitting down and figuring out how to do life better, I realized that I needed to have food ready to go when we walked in.  Preferably not popcorn.

Re-enter the crockpot.  The weather in Colorado is supposed to be in the 60’s and low 70’s next week which means it will finally feel like fall.  Our crockpot is about to become the new kitchen rockstar.

Wish me luck.

Favorite Breakfast: I absolutely love oatmeal.  My husband is the breakfast king (eggs was on the menu this morning!) but not having to make something as we’re scrambling out the door sounds amazing.  Plus, cinnamon and apples scream fall to me.


Favorite Comfort Food:  I’ve always had a thing for chicken pot pie.  I still can’t place my finger on why but it perhaps has something to do with my love affair with all things Southern.  I especially love that while they don’t use any condensed soup in this recipe they do not shy away from using refrigerated biscuits.  That’s real life, people.  That’s dinner ready by the time you’re out of the shower.


Favorite Side:  I have the most delicious looking pork roast in the freezer waiting for me to do something about it.  I’m dreaming of baking it and serving it with a nice big side of mashed potatoes.  Garlic and butter… sign me up.  I’m hoping it tastes exactly like those (completely unhealthy) absolutely delicious mashed potatoes you can get a side at any classic American restaurant.  YouknowwhatImean? I’ll keep you updated.


Favorite Dessert:  This is like fondue.  Except not.  Except it is.  And you know how many different food I can imagine dipped in chocolate right now?  Like 10.  And I’m not even trying.  Now imagine if you had this wonderful chocolate stuff in the slow cooker and then a bunch of toppings to roll everything in after (crushed cookies, M&Ms, sprinkles, etc).  I’m seeing a party in my near future!


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