Girl’s Weekend 2015

Can we please take a minute and hit the rewind button?  I want to re-do the entire weekend again.
With very few changes except maybe sprinting up the hill at Pikes Place Market with a  full Pepsi only to dump it out when no one wanted another drink.

Sorry about that, Mom!


My mom and I flew out to Seattle to spend a few precious moments with my sister.  We managed to hit a sweet spot in her life right before classes started again for the semester.  It’s the first girl’s trip we’ve ever taken and we’ve promised to make it a tradition.
The only girl we were missing was my sweet sister-in-law.  But she’s busy growing us two babies!

My mom and I had both traveled there on at least one other occasion recently so our only goal was to try our best to relax (neither of us are great at this) and drink as much coffee as possible.


Day 1 we managed 2 or 3 cups but also realized that our stomachs did much better on one cup of
coffee per day, so we revised our goal and decided to stop at as many bakeries as possible.
I would love to give suggestions on the best places to go and eat (both separately and together) but other than stopping by Pikes Place Chowder and Morsel (one word- biscuits, two words- huge biscuits) we made food at ‘home’ that we picked up at the local farmer’s markets.



And the flowers. The flowers!  Even in the most tourist of spots (is that not a thing?  Just go with it..) they were only $5 for the most beautiful bouquet!


Other than before mentioned sprint to the bus stop, we spent our time strolling from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Seattle stole my heart again me with it’s beautiful green… everything (!) and flowers by the millions. Can’t wait for my next visit!

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