Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, Oregon

A few weeks ago, I was in Portland for a weekend trip and made it out to the ocean.


This was my first time to the Pacific despite living in Seattle for a full year.

I know, I know. How have I not seen the Pacific yet?! Well, I’m disappointed that it took me so long because it was beautiful!!

And not being one to hold back, I was determined to go swimming. We made it to the beach in the adorable town of Oceanside, and I threw on my swimsuit.

When I made it out to the beach, there were three people in the water. In wetsuits. Everyone else was on the beach. In long pants and jackets.

Did I still go swimming? Better believe it!


This trip to the beach began south  at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. This is a fabulous place to climb sand dunes, explore some cliffs, or just relax on the beach.


From there, we headed up to Oceanside which is an adorable town with a good dose of coffee shops and a nice beach open to the public.

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