Lunar Eclipse

How beautiful was the moon last night!?!

My mom and I (Megan and Mom are here in Seattle for a quick weekend trip, and it’s fabulous!) were on our way to the grocery store last night, and a whole line of cars was stopped along the side of the road. People were everywhere staring up at the night sky.

My mom and I remembered that something cool was happening in the night sky, and we were craning our necks trying to see the beautiful moon. No luck.

We decided that maybe the moon was still rising.

Fifteen minutes later, we had grabbed our grocery essentials and were driving back past the crowds of people. They were gazing up, pointing, taking pictures…

There was nothing to see.

And then my mom turned to me. “It’s a lunar eclipse,” she said. “There’s nothing there.” She nodded towards the sky.

I didn’t get it.

Then slowly, it dawned on me.

Lunar eclipse.

Nothing there.

Oh!! That’s the point! We can’t see the moon!

Anyways, it was cool. Which is about as far as my astronomy enthusiasm goes.

We had a perfect view from my apartment window and watched the moon reappear as we devoured some delectable butternut squash soup (recipe coming soon).

It was a lovely evening with lovely people. I will be so sad to see them go back to Denver.

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