Cookie Owls

I’ve learned one thing from making my favorite recipes from each of my grandmothers.  I love shortening.

Which means I love fat.


I’ve also learned that I should never try to replace shortening for butter.  While it sounds better on paper (to me) to have butter instead of shortening it changes the texture of my favorite comfort foods and not for the better, mind you.

Plus they are comfort foods, which to me does not equal healthy.  I mean, great if it does but really when I reach for these foods its for the unforgettable taste and the millions of memories that go along with it.

My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe involves peanut butter, oats and chocolate chips all wrapped up in this delicious crumbly but still soft package of cookie.

Legend has it that my grandmother made these cookies in the shape of an owl which, believe it or not, was the mascot of my dad’s high school (and grade school and middle school).

His school may have been featured on ‘The Leno Show’ as having the smallest graduating class in America.  No joke.

Anyways, I can almost imagine their fight song.

Who can beat the owls… whooo whooo whooo?


It’s still a family favorite and the only thing my brother requests in every care package we send while he’s deployed.


[kindred-recipe id=”425″ title=”Cookie Owls”]

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  1. Madeline | madeline marie | 28th Sep 15

    wow this is such a cute recipe! i love the story behind these cookies too. i also really love y’alls site!! : )

    • Megan | 28th Sep 15

      Thank you! I hope you love the cookies!

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