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It’s official. Fall is here. My calendar says it. Seattle’s weather has been claiming it for a few weeks already. The tree outside work has already lost over half of it’s leaves. And while I’ve been avoiding pumpkin spice lattes so far, I think this weekend I’ll cave.

You may be assuming that I hate fall. But that’s not at all the case! In fact fall is second only to summer in my books. But the problem with fall (and the reason summer is quite a bit better) is that winter comes next, and I am not a fan of winter.

Rather than worrying about winter, let’s take a moment to enjoy the wonders of fall. Here are my favorite things that are only my favorite during the autumn. At all other times of the year they fall off my list of favorites. Am I allowed to change the things that I love with the seasons?

Favorite place: The north shore of Lake Superior. I went camping here each fall in college, and it is one of the best places to enjoy the changing colors. If it weren’t for Minnesota’s polar winters, I’d nearly be willing to move back just to sit in these woods again.


Favorite pumpkin bread: This recipe from Joy the Baker. Made some last week and consumed the whole loaf in two days. I have self-control problems.


Favorite shirt: I just got this shirt from Madewell. It’s warm. It’s soft. It’s long enough to wear with leggings. I may just wear it every single day for the rest of forever.


Favorite snack: It’s football season. I don’t have a TV, nor does my neighbor friend, nor am I willing to spend my hard earned cash on a beer to watch the game at a bar. I’ve essentially given up hope on watching more than a couple games this season, but I am not willing to give up what I fondly call “football food.” The wonderful snacks that you graze on all afternoon in lieu of eating an actual meal during game day. At the heart of every perfect game day spread is nachos, and I think Ree does it right in this recipe.




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