The Other Day… I Saw a Bear

So we live on the outskirts of civilization as you know it.

Okay, not really but there is true open space and ranching between our sweet little town and Denver. And we live at the edge of our sweet little town.

For like another 2 weeks until a new subdivision pops up. Then we will live in the middle of our little (but hardly little anymore) town.

Also, because I feel like I’m leading you on just a little.

We didn’t actually see a bear.


But!  A mama bear and two cubs have been actively scoping out local garbage cans for weeks so the fear is real.

Wild life count for tonight’s run?

7 deer (7!)

1 snake

2 bluebirds

A menagerie of rabbits

1 lost cat


And approximately 423 bushes that if you squint your eyes (real hard) look exactly like a mama bear and her 2 cubs.

Land speed record for the fastest 3 miles a non-runner has ever run.


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