Copper Mountain


Coming at you from the end of summer and I just sent an email about… Thanksgiving.


Please stop.

Also, knee deep in planning a baby shower for the end of October for the very first nieces and/or nephews on my side of the family and it seems like just yesterday we were eating sushi getting the news for the first time.

Ironic that it was sushi for a pregnancy announcement but how were we to know that our sister-in-law was pregnant when we got her a birthday present.

Anyways, we’re all just a little bit excited for the twins to arrive!

Cale and I took the only we free weekend we could find until Thanksgiving and headed straight west to the mountains.  In our past experiences we’ve found that if we wait long enough we can stay fairly cheaply at Copper Mountain.  You can even do this over ski season, but if you’re traveling from out of state this method can be a little risky.

We I really like Copper because I know the hills well enough that no one can trick me on going down a double black diamond, or let’s be honest.  A blue.

I like my easy hills.

Also, its’ just a little bit quieter and cheaper to stay.  And if we procrastinate in our booking we can generally get a room with free parking about 100 yards away from a lift.

This weekend was really quiet in Copper which was perfect for relaxation. And napping.  And boy did we nap!

During our brief waking hours, we explored the surrounding areas for walking and light hiking.

Lake Dillon is well, in Dillon and we spent 3 hours walking around the lake.  There’s a beautiful paved path that goes for miles but head closer to the lake you can find a dirt path that takes you around the shoreline.  We found the below campsite on our meandering and can’t wait to camp there next summer and/or early fall.


Copper Mountain1

After a brief siesta we headed south of Copper as if we were going to Leadville and found this hike on the east side of the road.   It takes you up to an old mining camp with S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G views of the valley.  Copper Mountain2

This hike seemed fairly popular especially for an ‘off season’ weekend but we would do it again in a heartbeat.  I think someone told me you can continue up the mountain past the camp but that would smash our ‘easy hiking’ rules and I don’t like to do that.


Finally on Sunday morning after an amazing cinnamon roll (not picture but devoured) we hiked up to Rainbow Lake.  The trailhead is about five blocks south of downtown Frisco, as in you could there after grabbing a cinnamon roll and coffee and then literally stroll for about a mile until you stumble upon the lake. 

Copper Mountain 4

This was another out and back hike but it connects to the Pikes Peak trail system so you can hike your sweet heart out for as long as you wish.  It winds through many Aspen trees which made this ideal for all things fall.


If you’ve ever thought of visiting Colorado but only come when there’s snow.. Seriously.  Peak fall colors hasn’t even arrived and the mountains are gorgeous!  We got an amazing taste of cool fall weather which made hiking around and catching up on life ideal weekend activities.  It may just be my most favorite mountain season!

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