Reasons I Shouldn’t Read on the Bus

Reasons I shouldn’t read on the bus:

  • Heavy bag. Must find shorter novel to read.
  • Smashed bananas. If there’s a way to gently place a book in the same bag as your lunch without ending up with banana goo squished everywhere, I haven’t found it.
  • Missed bus stops. I get all wrapped up in how Peta’s attacking Katniss and suddenly I’m a mile past my apartment and have to walk home.
  • My bag is so heavy and now I need to carry it a mile home because I missed my bust stop.
  • Strange looks from strangers. I’m sorry I’m sobbing uncontrollably, but did John Green really need to kill off Augustus?!
  • People realize I still read like a teenager. Hunger Games? Yes, please. Fault in Our Stars? Sure! Divergent? Great! Grapes of Wrath? No way.
  • The klutzy stumble off the bus. It only gets klutzier when one essential hand is occupied with book-holding.
  • Heavy bag. Have I mentioned how heavy my bag gets?

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