Pizza Crust

Is anyone else disappointed by the “My Plate” that replaced the food pyramid?

Pizza Crust 2

I was hoping that they would finally get their priorities right with this revamped eating guide, but nope. Pizza still does not have it’s own place as an essential food category in our diets.

Ok, I’m kidding. Kind of. But I could seriously eat pizza every day and be a very content woman.

Buying pizza to keep up with my habit is quite expensive so I typically make my own. This is my go to crust recipe. It’s quick, easy, and totally flexible. This dough will take however much or little time and attention you have and give you a base on which to pile your creation.

Pepperoni? Sure.

Mushrooms and basil? Yes.

Peaches and arugula and basil and feta with a balsamic-honey reduction? Mmmmmmm.

[kindred-recipe id=”279″ title=”Pizza Crust”]

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